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Allow me to introduce myself, the “I” behind whichremedy. My name is Sam Neal, and I live with my family in Fujino, a village near Tokyo. I work in IT, but I love helping others regain their balance and their health through homeopathy. Homeopathy was a key in my own opening, and I hope it may open doors for you as well.

a life story

I grew up with little or no awareness of anything other than the physical world, at least not that I remember. I grew up in the US, mostly on the central California coast, and attended university on the east coast, in upstate New York.

After university, where I learned the basics of Japanese language and culture, I decided to move to Japan. I worked in IT and joined a mountaineering club, so spent many a weekend in the Japanense Alps, climbing snowy mountains. The club invited me to join an expedition to K2, and this proved an amazing experience. The mountain was magnificent, but just as amazing was the journey there and back, through the northern regions of Pakistan, where the people impressed me with their faith, particularly their acceptance of what is, “as God wills.” Our expedition cook had died of altitude sickness, but visiting his family after our descent, they showed no ill will. Though grieving, and indeed the children having lost their father, his family also accepted his death. Having grown up faithless, this had a deeply resounding impact.

Returning to Japan, I didn’t climb any more mountains, but met my wife... a much more difficult challenge! She was (and is) my perfect opposite, my mirror, and try as I could to run away, I now needed to face myself.

My first encounter with homeopathy was when trying to find an alternative to steroid creams for treating my eczema. Although homeopathy didn’t cure the eczema, I did see some miracle cures, one a case of Lyme Disease, melted away in a day, and another of acute gastroenteritis and exhaustion, gone in a few minutes. Coming from a western scientific mindset, where anything outside the box was dubious at best, the box crumbled, and anything was possible.

We moved around the world to the UK so I could study homeopathy. I was tired of technical IT work, and wanted to invest my energy in something with more meaning. I thought I could help others with homeopathy, and also saw homeopathy as a bridge to an existence more in tune with spirit, where I saw myself lacking. In London, I found a homeopathy school where the course work offered exactly what I was interested in, a connection to spirit through homeopathy. In the shamanic homeopathy seminars and group esoteric work, I tried sensing other planes of existence. I could confirm, through sharing others’ experience, that my sense of the non-material was real, and something I could trust.

I found I could sense the resonance of remedies with individuals, as a way of prescribing directly, based on energy. This came first with my family, when remedies I’d selected for my children didn’t work at all, and, desperate to help, I tried sensing my children energetically, and looking for what remedy would work. It did! I was thrilled with the relative ease and effectiveness of this method, so I continued to use it in my case studies, and now would like to offer it to you.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have helped me on my way, most of all my wife and children. I also credit homeopathy for breaking the box I built around myself, and now that I can sense its energies, realise how it (and all healing) is connected to source. I hope that by sharing this with you I can help us along our paths.