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How it works

The following is an outline of the normal flow of a consulation. I am flexible, especially if you consult frequently, but this is generally what you can expect when you work with me.

1. Choose how long you’d like to consult

Though I can prescribe on a few details, many of my clients prefer to have an initial consultation ranging from 20-40 minutes. Then, it generally takes 5-15 minutes to find your resonant remedy. If you’re comfortable with summarising your issue in an email before the consultation, this can greatly reduce the amount of time spent consulting.

As a guideline, I recommend:

Follow-up consultations can often be done by email, without an appointment, in less than 15 minutes (see below). However, if you would like a verbal consultation, 15 or 30 minutes can be booked for follow-up. Urgent/acute cases can also usually be handled in 15 minutes.

2. Send payment

I accept payments via PayPal in blocks of 30 minutes or more. If you don’t have a PayPal account, Paypal can also process credit and debit card payments directly. I accept bank transfers, but these are not immediate so are not recommended in urgent cases.

3a. Email details and/or make an appointment

If you share details of your case by email, you can reduce the the time spent consulting, or skip the verbal consultation entirely. If you choose to email me your case details, please include the following information:

If you would like a verbal consultation, please request an appointment. In your mail, please specify a preferred start time, and length of consultation. For urgent cases, I can sometimes arrange immediate consultations.

4. Consultation

If you have booked a verbal consultation, please contact me by phone or internet audio at the time of your appointment. For email-only consultations, I will respond via email directly.

5. Prescription

I will send you an email with the details of the remedy, potency, and frequency I recommend. If you have consulted me verbally, I will ring you to follow up after sending the email.

6. Obtain and take the remedy

If you have the remedy on hand, take it immediately! Please refer to the taking remedies page for hints and tips. If you don’t have the remedy, please refer to the sourcing remedies page for where you can find the remedy you need. I also have a limited selection of remedies on hand which I can post to you if needed.

7. Follow-up

Your energy, and the remedy you need, can change over time. Sometimes you’ll need the same remedy, but the resonant potency or frequency will change. Please drop me a line if you notice any changes, or have any concerns. When you contact me, I can take a quick look at your energy to see if the same remedy resonates, in the same potency, at the same frequency. Here are some typical follow-up queries:

When I confirm your resonance, I may:

I encourage frequent check-ins, so will only deduct five minutes’ time from your balance for quick confirmations (changes in potency or frequency, or stopping the remedy). When a new remedy is needed, I will deduct the time I take to find the new remedy (usually not more than 15 minutes).