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Homeopathic philosophy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed two centuries ago by Samuel Hahnemann. Based on the principle of, “like cures like,” it seeks to bring about a cure by energetically stimulating our innate ability to heal ourselves.

We all strive to be well and healthy and to lead a balanced life. Illness is a sign we have lost our balance, and the symptoms of illness are signs of our efforts to regain that balance. However, we can often be confused in our efforts, and those symptoms can be uncomfortable and worrying. Illness can be equated to being lost, or stuck. We want to get better, but we’re not sure how.

A homeopathic remedy is solely an energetic hint. It directs our immense innate energies in the right direction. Once we know where to direct our energies, once we find our way and clear our confusion, we can regain our balance. Balanced again, our illness, and its symptoms, are gone. So, it can seem that homeopathy effects miracle cures, but in fact, it is we who work the miracle.


I don’t actually choose the remedy you need. On some level, you already know it, for you are vibrating with its energy. Your symptoms are the energy’s expressions, and serve as pointers in the direction of the appropriate remedy. Knowing your symptoms helps to narrow down what remedy might be the right one… but I’ve found the remedy I would choose rationally is often not correct.

What I do is tune into your energy, then overlay the energy of an indicated remedy. If the remedy is what you need, its energy will resonate with yours, and I can feel this resonance. If it does not resonate, I will sample other indicated remedies. Sometimes when tuning in to your energy, the appropriate remedy will come to me also. Once I know your remedy, I use the same method to determine potency and frequency of dose.