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Ways to buy

Remedy Kits

Remedy kits contain small vials of many commonly used remedies, usually in 30c potency, and are much cheaper than buying individual remedies. When you have a stock of remedies at home, it’s much more likely that the remedy you need will be at hand to use immediately.

Individual Remedies

If you’d rather buy only what you need, or if the remedy you want isn’t in your kit, you can purchase individual vials of remedies. Your local health food shop or pharmacy may stock a limited number of commonly used remedies, or you may need to go to a manufacturer or online retailer to purchase remedies by mail order.

From whichremedy

I have a limited selection of remedies which I can post to you if this is more convenient than purchasing your prescribed remedy elsewhere. Please ask if you need this, and I will confirm if I stock the remedy I prescribed. I charge ¥1500 to prepare and post a single 8g bottle of pillules by domestic post or international air mail, and ¥900 for each additional bottle. Express post is possible at an additional cost of ¥1000.

From a pharmacy

I have knowledge of pharmacies in the countries in which I’ve lived — the UK, US, and Japan. There are local pharmacies in other countries; if you would like to recommend a pharmacy in your home country, let me know and I will include it here.

United Kingdom

I usually get my remedies from Helios, and sometimes Ainsworths. Both offer a very wide selection of remedies and potencies at reasonable prices. They also have good kits. Some of these are currently not available online in the UK due to new regulations, but can be ordered by telephone. Both ship internationally at reasonable rates.

There are of course others in the UK; the HMA has a good list.

United States

I’ve ordered from Hahnemann Labs before, but there are quite a few others, including Washington Homeopathic Products. WholeHealthNow has a more complete list. Homeopathy World offers Helios remedy kits in the USA, and its prices include international shipping.


Homœopathy Japan offers remedies manufactured by Helios, packaged for the Japanese market.