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Abi Allanson, Kings Langley, UK, 2013

I’ve asked for Sam’s advice on choosing a remedy at speed and for several family members simultaneously. This has been extremely useful when my own perception and judgements have been overwhelmed. I’ve found his knack for hitting the right remedy to be impressively accurate. This website also seems to me to be very clear and user-friendly, especially for those of us who may be accustomed to homeopathy but not to this way of practising it. If your kids are like mine, then using homeopathy to resolve their illnesses can be like a chase, with one remedy picture transforming into another in fairly rapid succession. It’s very supportive to have a quick way to tap into those shifts. I’ve found it interesting to compare with the treatment I’ve had elsewhere at more traditional homeopathic clinics and also at one where the practitioner uses kinesiology to find a sequence of appropriate remedies. The style is different — different remedies and potencies. I’ve come to think of Sam’s approach as another, very useful, string to the bow, particularly suited to the acute situation. Do try it to see if it resonates with you!

Oona Alexander, Kings Langley, UK, 2013

Well I think the remedy has definitely worked. I am not 100% but I got through a long day at work and I’m still standing! Well done. I will come back to you!

Makoto Togashi, Chorleywood, UK, 2013

It was miracle! I couldn’t believe my eyes that it worked so well to my child as soon as it’s started. Fantastic result!! Thanks Sam!!

AH, Hemel Hempstead, UK, 2013

One time you recommended a remedy for me after my knee operation, and I was surprised how easy my recovery seemed. I remember you really tuning in to my daughter’s needs one time. The remedy you prescribed had an amazingly fast and specific effect of returning her energies to her.

Katharina Sommer, Staines, UK, 2012

I took my daughter Isla to Sam with a skin problem that was unthreatening enough to circumvent conventional medicine and serious enough to seek treatment. So I turned to homeopathy, and while I knew that different ways of diagnosis existed, I’d never heard of Sam’s way before. He talked to me and asked questions about Isla, after which Sam determined the needed treatment intuitively without having spent much time with Isla. While this felt odd to me, it was more than OK with Isla, as she hates the idea of, “going to the doctor.” The treatment worked beautifully and Isla’s skin cleared up within 2 weeks!