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Why whichremedy?

When I was first learning about homeopathy and attempting to self-prescribe, I was frustrated with how difficult it was to find the right remedy. When my children became ill, I would try to choose a remedy, based on what little I could surmise from a few hours or days of symptoms. Sudden onset? Aconite. Red in the face? Belladonna. Screaming? Chamomilla. Or perhaps a high fever, sweating, restless, and three or four or more remedies seemed to fit the bill. I would choose one as best I could. Sometimes it would work. Often it would not, and I might try other remedies, searching. I knew something would work, but I wasn’t sure what.

When I couldn’t find the right remedy myself, I would sometimes seek help from homeopaths who were more familiar with the materia medica. Usually with a few questions about presenting symptoms, they could choose a good remedy. However, often a “good” remedy wasn’t actually the right one, so I had mixed results even when I asked for help.

One of the tricky parts of homeopathic prescribing is that often there isn’t a lot of information on which to base a prescription. Traditionally, in order to select a remedy, you need modalities, concomitants, sensations, locations, timing. The less you have to go on, the more difficult it is to choose a remedy. If your child can’t talk yet, how do you ask the character of the pain? If you only noticed the fever a few hours ago, how can you judge modalities? Chronic issues give you weeks, months, years of observation to go on, but sometimes you don’t have many symptoms on which to prescribe.

Even for chronic ailments, after a full consultation of 1-2 hours, symptoms may point to a small set of remedies, or different remedies depending on which homeopathic methodology is used to analyse a case. Which remedy is the right one? Which one will bring you back to health? If you take a remedy which isn’t resonant with you, it won’t hurt, but it won’t help either.

What to do?

During the course of my homeopathic training with Yubraj Sharma, I found I could sense directly what remedy resonates with a person’s energy. When prescribing for my children, I could finally give then the remedy they needed, with dramatic results. During case studies and when seeing clients, it was easy to find which remedy, from numerous possibilities, was the right one. I could also get the potency and frequency right, by sensing the resonance.

I wanted to put that sense to good use. Remembering my frustration and struggles when I first started using homeopathy, I thought I could assist those in a similar situation, confused at which remedy they should take, with few symptoms to guide them. I started whichremedy with this in mind, structured for clients with urgent consultations.

Since its launch, I’ve found most whichremedy clients come to me with cases which are not so urgent. They appreciate the quick consultations, and accurate prescriptions. I’m now in the process of restructuring the site to reflect this, and yet still keep the ability to prescribe urgently when needed.

I look forward to speaking with you. With the remedy which resonates with you, you can bring yourself back into balance, back into health, and closer ... to yourself.